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Tyre care tips to get the most from your tyres

When driving a vehicle, it is important to ensure your tyres are always in the best possible condition.  Tyres are often a last thought when it comes to keeping your vehicle well maintained, but in reality it is the tyres that keep the vehicle gripped to the road, so they should in fact be at the top of the list!

Bundall Tyres on the Gold Coast see a number of vehicles where the tyres need to be replaced simply due to lack of care and maintenance.

For tyres to be roadworthy in Queensland, tread depth must be a minimum of 1.5mm. Driving with tyres without this minimum tread depth is both illegal and dangerous and can void your insurance if you are involved in an accident.

Here, Bundall Tyres share some tips to keep motorists safe on the roads and how to care for your tyres so you get the most mileage from your tyres that you possible can.

Correct Air Pressure

This is the simplest way to ensure longevity of your tyres. You need to regularly check the air pressure in your tyres each month to ensure even wear and efficiency in fuel consumption. Tyre pressures are best checked when the tyres are cold as tyre pressure increase as the tyres become hot. You would also check the air pressure if you are planning any long driving trips.

Car manufactures provide the recommended air pressure in the vehicle’s log book and it is also found on a label on the driver’s side door frame.

If your vehicle doesn’t have its log book or there is no label on the door frame, call us at Bundall Tyres on 07 5504 5666 or visit us and we will be able to tell you what the correct air pressure is.

Tyre rotation

Rotating tyres can extend the life of your tyres. New cars tend to be front wheel drive so the front set of tyres will wear quicker than the back set of tyres. By rotating the tyres around the vehicle, this will ensure even wear and help the tyres to last longer.

Bundall Tyres generally recommended tyre rotations be carried out at 10,000 km intervals.  If you buy 4 new tyres Bundall Tyres will rotate them free of charge every 10,000kms for the life of the tyres.

Wheel alignment

Wheels that are out of alignment can affect the vehicles steering, make the tyres wear prematurely and can also add to fuel consumption.

Having the wheels properly aligned with the axles ensures your vehicle is handling at is best capacity and is ultimately safer to drive.

Wheel balancing

Wheel balancing corrects the vibration that can be felt at high speed if the tyres are imbalanced.

Generally done in conjunction with a wheel alignment, balancing the wheels and tyres prevents premature tyre wear, stops vibration and help to protect the bearings and suspension.



If your tyre has suffered a puncture, having a professional repair it as soon as possible can extend the life of the tyre.

If you constantly have to reinflate the tyre due to loss of air pressure from the puncture, the tyre will prematurely wear and could lead to a dangerous blow out.


When it comes to replacing your tyres, be sure you fit tyres that are suitable to your type of vehicle, to your driving style and that the size of the tyres are correct for your vehicle.

Avoid having different brands of tyres on your vehicle where the tread patterns are different. If fitting second hand tyres, ensure there is a minimum of tread depth so your vehicle remains roadworthy and safe at all times.

Bundall Tyres, expert tyre fitters on the Gold Coast are an independent family owned and operated business specialising in selling and fitting quality new tyres, second hand tyres and wheels for passenger cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles, stretch limos, taxis, 4WD’s, SUV’s, Hummers, trailers, small busses and even caravans.

Our expert tyre fitters will be able to recommend the best and most economical set of tyres for your vehicle. 

Call Bundall Tyres today on 07 5504 5666 for new tyres, wheel alignments and balancing and tyre rotations or visit our friendly team at our Gold Coast tyre shop.

We offer a no obligation tyre safety check any day of the week. There are no catches and we’ll tell you honestly if you need new tyres!