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The NT555R is a D.O.T. compliant competition drag radial designed with additional flexibility for the weekend drag racer.

Key Features

  • LAUNCH OFF THE LINE - The NT555R combines a high-grip compound and semi-racing construction to provide increased traction at the starting line. The NT555R is the drag radial for the street or strip.
  • A PERFECT PAIR - The NT555R drag radial works in unison with the NT555 summer performance street tyre, so you can put the drag radials on the driven axle and the NT555s on the non-driven axle. When developing both product lines, Nitto matched the tread pattern and sizing to fit modern performance vehicles.
  • COMPETITION PERFORMANCE - The overall construction has been modified to improve launch performance. The NT555R was designed to achieve a balance between maximum dry performance and occasional street use.
  • HIGH-SPEED STABILITY - Semi-radial construction combined with a unique reinforced package helps provide stability at high track speeds.
  • STREET & STRIP - The tread compound is formulated to achieve a balance between tread wear and drag strip performance, allowing for the weekend racer to drive to the track, compete and drive back home on the same set of rear tyres.

Performance Category: Ultra High Performance

Size Load Index Speed Index Overall Diameter
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