Tyre Rotation

Tyre Rotation

What is tyre rotation?

Tyre rotation is a process that involves moving tyres around by swapping them with one of the other tyres on the vehicles. The process is done systematically according to the type of vehicle and the current tyre wear.

Tyre rotation is necessary to prevent uneven tread wear on tyres and to get the longest life out a set of tyres. Wheels generally wear unevenly naturally because of the nature of the tyres, their wheel positions and the load they carry.

The front wheels from front wheel drive vehicles are constantly subject to the forces of braking, steering and driving. This can result in faster wear which is why a tyre rotation can be beneficial for maximum tyre life.

4WD tyre rotation is typically done by swapping the left rear wheel with the right front wheel and the right rear wheel with the left front wheel. A straight tyre rotation involves swapping the rear and front wheels on each side.

Spare tyres can also be included in a tyre rotation.

How often should you have your tyres professionally rotated?

Even if your tyres don’t appear to have unevenly worn, it is still a good idea to get a tyre rotation done every 5 to 8,000km. It’s a good idea to get wheel balancing done at the same time as a tyre rotation.

All car drive types can benefit from a tyre rotation including front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, 4Wd and AWD cars. At Bundall Tyres Gold Coast, we’ll help you look after your tyres and get the most wear out of them. If you’re located in Bundall, or the surrounding areas, including Southport, Ashmore, Molendinar, Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach , contact us to arrange your next tyre rotation.