Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

If you need a wheel alignment come in and see us at Bundall Tyres on the Gold Coast. We service those in Bundall and the surrounding areas, including Southport, Ashmore, Molendinar, Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach . A wheel alignment should be part of regular vehicle maintenance to help maintain your tyres.

What causes wheels to go out of alignment?

The biggest culprit for putting your wheels out of alignment are driving on poor road surfaces such as roads with pot holes. Another cause can be from a motor vehicle accident or even just from hitting a curb.

There are some symptoms you can be on the look out to know if you might need a wheel alignment. If you notice your vehicle tends to pull to one side while you’re driving this could indicate you may need a wheel alignment. Another symptom can be if your steering wheel is not in the centre position when you’re driving straight or you notice uneven wear to your tyres.

The best thing to do is to get regular wheel alignment checks by professional wheel alignment service. Typically, once every 10,000km is a good recommendation. By getting a regular wheel alignment you will get a lot more life from your tyres. Poor wheel alignment can reduce the lifespan of your tyres considerably which means having to purchase new tyres sooner rather than later.

Our wheel alignment service involves adjusting the angle of your car’s wheels in accordance to the car manufacturers specifications. A wheel alignment will ensure that your vehicle travels straight without a tendency to pull to one side.

Call us or visit us for a wheel alignment and save your tyres before it’s too late!